Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yserfontein sunset

October / November 2016

Groblersdal Oct 2016

Sunday morning

After my weekly early Sunday morning 9km walk through Aurora.

Bontebok National Park


Aimee asked why we're going away again. My answer was "...because if we don't we'll be in danger of becoming ol' fogies." Mom, ever the crossword nut, used the word "staid" the other day. Its so easy to do nothing, especially if you have no binding deadlines. A lot of retirees simply exist. Its like those grubby little people in England going to airshows and collecting registrations, then writing them down in even more grubby little notebooks. They would never consider actually flying. To raise yourself from the dust, and live, often requires little more effort. So it is with, say caravanning.

Its a lot of hassle to get going. Requires effort and time, not so much money, just effort. For how many people does effort appear as a shut door.

And look what lies through that door. The world!!!!!

If you don't believe me have a look at the pics in the end 2016 posts.

Friday, February 19, 2016

"Old School"

Recently becoming "retired until my next contract", and downsizing and purchasing a flat, the need was raised for the services of certain tradesmen such as plumbers and carpenters. Being very much aware of the poor service delivered today by un- or under-qualified workmen I wondered what selection measure I should use.

"He's old school," was a recommendation I heard and subsequently applied. It certainly worked in our favour. The awkward and often torturous work in our small flat was undertaken by professionals for whom nothing was too much. We also paid them an unquibbled amount on the turn. "Old School" is a valued label and I like to think it applies to me too.

Integrity, trust and obligation were the unwritten hallmarks of any agreement. This expectation characterised much of my corporate life in the 70s and 80s, and even when we built our house in 2002 on a handshake between the contractor and myself. In the present litigious and fraud-ridden climate these traits have become wishful thinking. Hence the need for today's excessive, but apparently ineffective, regulation.

Let's use more phrases like "My word is my bond" and live to it. Then you too can earn the right of being called Old School.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life in Malawi

This landlocked land of the Lake and lovely people is one of industry and beauty.
Fishing is a way of life. The lamps across the stern attract the fish. This man will spend most of the night fishing. He will disappear into the darkness for most of the night. He will return when the dugout is full. Fishing is a daily blessing but a lifelong curse. His children will grow up watching him catch fish. As they get older they then start to fish. Eventually their children will also follow. No one will ever rise above their circumstances. Will he ever see another country, know how a camera works, or where the sun's heat comes from. Will he make a contribution to the global family. Or does he not need to?
Its Saturday morning at Cape Maclear. Time for the mothers of Africa to see to the to the family washing, Make sure the children have a good time. They can swim. The locals don't even raise an eyebrow when a luxury tourist yacht drifts past. Why should they?